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External processing related

1、 Product Name: external processing products


1. Actor props, such as headgear, dog paws, etc;

2. Various shapes and sizes of latex sleeve, such as square tube, square piece, long piece, cylindrical sleeve, fine needle, thread sleeve, etc;

3. Scientific research gloves, mainly 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm in thickness, can be made of other thicknesses, with 700mm-730mm in length;

4. Special shape products can be processed according to the specific needs of customers.

2、 Product material: natural rubber, nitrile rubber, etc;

3、 Product uses: film and television props, scientific research laboratory tests, etc;

4、 Product function: decoration, test, protection, etc;

5、 Contact information: 010-81501075, 18500467784.

6、 Contact information for external processing: 010-81501303, 186012650013.